March 17, 2018

Pattern Indy Launch Party Video

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I could not believe we got asked to come back and shoot another Pattern Magazine party! This Pattern Indy launch party was so much fun! Really showed that the previous one we captured was not a one time thing! This resource and community is a blessing to Indy. If you haven’t already checked out Pattern Magazine, then make sure you do soon! They are one of the best things about Indianapolis, and we are so blessed to have been able to work them!

Here are some still frames pulled from the video to give you another look at some of the visuals. It was so much fun to create this!

Did you love this Pattern Indy Launch Party Video?

If you loved this video, then check out some of our other recent shoots!

Firstly, check out this amazing video we did at the last Pattern party! This Pattern party was just as much fun as the one above! You would not think a party this great could be reproduced, but there is some sort of strange magic at work at Pattern Magazine. These events are some of the greatest things that happen in Indianapolis each year! These are must attend events!

Next, check out this interesting video from our Baroque Style Shoot at 1899! If you loved the prisming effect used in the video above, then you should check out this video from a style shoot. I created that prisming effect while editing this baroque style shoot video. It mimics the effect of using a prism while shooting. That is something that is pretty easy to do with still camera photography, but much more difficult with video. So, I figured out a way to make it happen in post production.

Lastly, check out this wonderful video from Rachel and Jake’s wedding at Canal 337. There are so many great venues in downtown Indianapolis for events. Canal 337 is one of our favorites. It has a great industrial look and it is right on the canal. It is just beautiful! Rachel and Jake’s wedding was beautiful too! They really utilized the space to its fullest and just made everything look amazing.

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