October 7, 2013


We are so excited to be getting this rolling! If you are available, sign up! All courses will be located in Muncie, IN

Beginners Workshop – $50

November 6th & 7th – 6:30 pm
6th – Getting Your Camera in Manual
We’ll go over the basic elements of how to create a better
photo in manual mode. It’s great for those who are
beginning or want to a refresher. Basic topics include, but aren’t limited to,
shutter speed, aperture, iso, focus, & white balance.

7th – Individual Camera Review
Time slots will be available to meet with Jenn to
ask photography questions and to go over your
own personal DSLR camera.
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Portrait Workshop – $50
November 12th – 6:30 pm
12th – Posing & Light (Couples and Individuals)
This class is perfect for those who have taken the manual
class or are currently shooting in manual. Also great for
the aspiring photographer or individual who just wants to
take better pictures. We’ll show you how to work
with couples, and how to take flattering portraits.

This is a great follow up to the Beginner
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* Purchase both courses for $80 or individual courses for $50.

Both Courses – $80
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All participants will be invited to an outdoor shootout November 13th at 5pm. Feel free to ask questions, feel free to bring a friend. We are going to just hangout and take pictures.

More information at http://www.class.jennifervanelk.com/

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