October 3, 2011



Pinterest is my new addiction.  From photo inspirations to DIY laundry soap, this site has it all.  It’s a visual candy store while your on a diet and I waste hours and hours wishing (pinning fatting food mostly).
If you are like me, you get on clothing sites you can’t afford, copy and paste them into a folder called, “I want, but can’t have,” and then maybe you can do a cheaper copy of the designer masterpiece.  Well, now you can sign onto Pinterest, create a board called “I want but can’t have” and “pin” them to the board.

Here’s more details to this new social network:

When you sign on you’ll see tons of tons of Do it yourself tutorials, home decor, apparel, photos, recipes, work-out ideas, and more.  If you want to save it for later, you can either “like it” or “repin”.  Repinning is copying the photo to one of your boards.  If you click “repin”, a window will pop up asking what board to pin it to or to create a board.  Also, add a little comment in the box to make it easier for others to find it. Click “Pin it!”  Easy as pie.

Also, like twitter, you can follow anyone and see what they are pinning. Just another thing for our parents to ask why were aren’t “liking” their postings.

If you’d like to pin things online that isn’t on pinterest yet, click the +Add tab at the top right corner and either add the “Pin it” button to your browser, upload an image, or put in the website of the image you’d like to add.

The cool thing about the “Pin it” button is that you can click it with any non-flash website and add any picture to your board as long as you had previously logged into pinterest.  They make it very simple.

I’ve currently pinned almost 500 images of recipes and DIY and continue to find really great ideas! After you start I don’t know if you’ll be able to stop!

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