March 15, 2019

Potter’s Bridge Park Family Photography with The Olson Family

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The sunlight was streaming through the leaves of the trees. It was early autumn and the leaves were still a verdant green, not having succumb to the harsh reality of the oncoming winter yet. In front of a small grove of trees, the Olson family sat laughing together! I had so much fun capturing this family session at Potter’s Bridge Park with the Olson family!

This family is special to us. Steve and Steve were roommates in college and they were both groomsmen in each others weddings. We love the Olsons and the opportunities we have to capture these amazing moments in their lives.

As you look at these photos, try to remember this time when it was warm and nice. I know it’s almost spring and we’re almost back to warm weather, but I’m dying of cold in Noblesville. Soon the weather will be nice like this again. Soon. Take a moment to look back to what warmer times were like in the midwest. We’ll get here again.

Did you love this Potter’s Bridge Park family photo session with the Olson family?

If you loved this family photo session with the Olsons, then check out some of the other family photo sessions I’ve done recently! You’ll love them too!

Firstly, check out this adorable family photo session with Blythe family at Forest Park in Noblesville, Indiana! This autumnal session was so much fun to capture! Plus, Forest Park is just one of our favorite places to visit in Noblesville, Indiana! The kids love the playgrounds and the pool and the parents love the golf course. It’s a win/win!

Also, check out this charming family photo session with the Thomas family in Noblesville, Indiana! We did this photo shoot on their property, around their house. They have such beautiful land! Our son Iain and their son Clark are great friends. So it warms my heart to be able to capture these precious moments for them.

Lastly, check out this cute family photo session with the Russel family at Cool Creek Park in Carmel, Indiana! This family was so cute! I just loved capturing them. Plus, they’re creatives as well. Emelie is a videographer and photographer. It means so much to me when other creatives want to work with me. It’s a nice warm feeling when you realize your peers respect your work.

If you loved this blog post (or any of the blog posts linked above), then you would probably love to come to Hamilton County. It’s where Steve and I live! It has lots of wonderful parks for kids to play, and where we do a lot of our photo shoots. If you want to keep these parks beautiful for kids playing or for your next family shoot, then consider donating to support them!

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