July 18, 2012

Rachel & Jared: Engaged! | Columbus, OH Engagement Session

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Rachel and Jared are absolute sweethearts! When I’m meeting my clients for the first time at the engagement session, I wonder what type of personalities they have and just HOPE they are sweet (and they always are), but Rachel and Jared stand out. Their genuine kindness makes it so wonderful to spend time with them.
The military and schooling brought them both to Alaska, where they met on a church camping/hiking trip. Jared fell for Rachel’s warm smile, gorgeous eyes, and beautiful heart. He couldn’t see his life without Rachel. Months down the road, Jared popped the question and without a doubt she said “yes.” They soon started planning for an Ohio wedding thousands a miles away.

Rachel described the location she has chosen, allowing friends and family to make most of the decisions for her, and it sounds amazing. It’s a rustic barn with classy decor. It sounds gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it all come together. I’m amazed by her willingness to allow others to take over. That’s so great and it is going to make for a great surprise on their wedding day. I honestly think this is the best way to go. When brides don’t have to plan their wedding it helps them to feel almost stress-free, because the wedding then feels more like a party being thrown for them (instead of a party being thrown by them).

Rachel and Jared, I can’t wait for your beautiful wedding! Now that we’ve met, I’m even more excited to know we will be able to spend the day with you two!












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