March 6, 2021

Rathskeller Engagement Session with Meg and Kevin

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Condensation dripped off the outside of two glass beer mugs on a hot summer day. The beer mugs were in the hands of Meg and Kevin as they sat on a stage in the biergarten at the Rathskeller. The sound of their laughter as they talked echoed off the hard wood of the stage floor and traversed across the empty biergarten. They clinked glasses and took a drink. This was just one of the lovely moments from Meg and Kevin’s Rathskeller engagement session. Scroll down to see many more.

Did you love this Rathskeller engagement session?

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Firstly, check out this charming wedding with Katie and Lyle at the Rathskeller. The Rathskeller isn’t just a restaurant and biergarten. It’s also an amazing wedding venue. We love visiting the Rathskeller to have a drink and some soft pretzels for fun, but we also love attending events and weddings there. The food is great and the beer is great. Also, the atmosphere is just fantastic especially when the have musical acts performing in the biergarten.

Also, check out this great engagement session with Victoria and Mike at St. Joseph Brewery. Our favorite places to do engagement sessions are at places where our clients feel comfortable. Unsurprisingly, that is often a brewery or bar or winery. We love it. It’s great to go to a place where clients can relax and have a drink and smile. There’s noting better than natural smiles during a shoot.

Lastly, check out this stunning engagement session with Ali and Eric at Louie’s Wine Dive. Sensing a theme in our recommended shoots to check out? Yeah, we’re pretty excited every time we get to shoot in a place our clients love. Coffee houses are frequently picked by clients too. It’s just more fun to go to a place you love.

If you loved these photos, then consider checking out the Rathskeller! It’s a great place to go for food and a drink in downtown Indy. It’s located right across the street from the Murat, so if you’re in town to see a concert (once we can do that again after this pandemic is over) then you should stop in. Or go see a concert in the biergarten. Every time we go we have so much fun.

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