May 31, 2012

Sarah & Andy: Engaged | Muncie, IN Wedding Photography

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Sarah and Andy met me on a beautiful day on Ball State University’s campus for their engagement session, even though they live close to Washington D.C.  I know Sarah from attending Monroe Central High School together. I always thought she was a sweet and beautiful girl, so I was thrilled when she contacted me to shoot her wedding.  Sarah and Andy were looking for a local photographer for their Farmland wedding, although most of their planning will be taking place in Virgina.
Sarah and Andy met back in college. Jobs led both of them to Washington D.C., but they hope to spend their lives together back in Indiana.

The engagement session went wonderfully. Sarah and Andy both seemed as if they knew exactly what they were doing, although they started off the shoot saying they weren’t good in front of the camera. It’s apparent in the pictures that they were naturals. Sometimes it takes a little sun and a lot of laughing to get people out of their shells, and when they do come out of their shells, it creates beautiful images.

Sarah, you are going to make an absolutely gorgeous bride. I’m so glad you found love. Andy seems like a wonderful guy, and the two of you are going to make a wonderful couple.

I’m so excited for your wedding!

























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