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October 20, 2014

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We are so thankful that we have such fabulous couples. Yes, I’m a bit biased, but I honestly think that we have the best. Casey & Jon are just adorable, but they also have wonderful personalities. Really. They are so great. So, I’m not kidding when I say it was an absolute honor to capture […]

March 10, 2012

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March 3rd was not how I expected it to be. The week leading up to it, I actually was able to take my son to the park. We had tornado watches and warnings and thunderstorms. I didn’t expect it to snow. Can I just say this, even with the weather being the way that it […]

October 18, 2011

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Ashley started her day at the Just Teasin salon in Eaton, OH. The bridesmaids all wore their hair in a elegant side bun. After the stylist placed the tiara onto Ashley’s head, it was just one step closer to the doors opening to seeing Davin for the first time on their wedding day. Ashley finished […]