April 14, 2010

Theresa and Josh: Love is All You Need

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Who could take a love for the Beatles, mix it with love for another, and make it into a beautiful wedding? Meet Josh and Theresa. If any wedding was transformed to look like a couple this would be it. Theresa’s idea for the entire wedding was to take their favorite band, the Beatles, and make that the theme for the ceremony and reception. She did it in a unique but classy way. During the guest seating and the procession Broc Stanage, a musician and good friend of the bride and groom, covered Beatles love songs. The bride walked down the aisle to a beautiful version of “All You Need is Love.” It took all of me to hold back the tears as I saw Theresa through my view finder crying. What a beautiful bride. What a beautiful beginning to a wonderful time in their lives.
I had a blast with them both. Theresa’s bridesmaids were gorgeous (but of course not outshining the beautiful bride) and Josh’s groomsmen were a blast to be around. I hope these pictures reflect their beauty as a couple and the lightheartedness that is Josh and Theresa.

Theresa’s engagement ring is actually Josh’s grandmother’s ring. I love sentimental things.

I absolutely love the detailing in her dress. If I could do it all again, that would totally be my dress. It’s gorgeous and it was absolutely elegant on her!

I’m starting to favor this one.

They pretty much had an assembly line going on. Great teamwork guys, you looked wonderful!

On top of all the practicing and pictures, Broc was one busy guy!  I was really impressed by his composure.  He did an absolutely wonderful job during the ceremony. In all seriousness, I would be willing to pay money for a copy of the songs he performed.  Check out some of his older projects: click me!

Some more of that teamwork!

On top of the love for the Beatles, Theresa loves “love” things!  Her reception was full of little hearts and things that said “Love”.  I found this bumper sticker on the outside of the church doors.

She was gorgeous!  She was so laid back and excited.  I love to see brides that don’t care about the details anymore, they just want to marry the love of their life.

As you’ll see in some of the group pictures, each bridesmaid and groomsman were dressed in black with coordinating accent colors: blue, yellow, purple, pink, red, and orange.

I just love her!

What I called the “Bridal Wing” was filled with fun games.  The guys… really small chairs. Haha.  It worked out great, though.  They were able to keep themselves company.  The family was able to hang out with the bride, plus it was the only place the bride could go unseen.

It ended up working out that we shot most of the images around the church.

I just love the two giant trees in the background.

See, the braid did show up!  We were worried that the braid was for nothing, but there now is proof that Theresa was beautiful AND stylish on her wedding day.

This hill was NO fun in heals. As the Maid of Honor, (Theresa’s sister) struggled to walk down the hill, she still manages to keep the dress off the ground.

I just love her eyes in this picture.

See the tear?  Yeah, it took everything I had to keep it in.  So beautiful!

The bridesmaids holding their composure.  You girls were wonderful that day!

I loved the candles lining the stage.  It created this wonderful ambiance.

The ring-bearer was very giving.  It was so cute seeing him chase around the flower-girl.  We asked him where his girlfriend was located.  His response was, “I don’t have a girlfriend,” along with a pout face. Adorable.

Theresa and Josh were so excited they skipped down the very long send off.

I’m a sucker for overhead shots.

The guy on the right, Tim, was hilarious the entire day.

I love the reactions guys.  SO great!

Not necessarily Abbey Road, but I was definitely content with how these shots turned out. Yay for experiments!

Not hard to lift this tiny girl, although its hard to jump in a 20lb dress, especially since Josh is so tall.

You two are gorgeous!

By Josh’s request, the far away shot.  Good choice, my friend.

Raymond’s Restaurant and Lounge in Wakarus, IN.  The owner was probably the sweetest woman I have ever met.  If you are in the area, stop buy and get a cup of coffee, or you can go to the fully stocked bar in the lounge. It was pretty nice.

“Happy Days”

Here is what is going on here. Josh and Theresa have been dating since 2004.  Becca, Theresa’s sister, was giving this hilarious speech. (Sorry if I’m butchering it), “…when I came back, it was my birthday party.  Theresa had invited Josh.  Which is funny, because I wasn’t allowed to bring anyone… and it was my birthday party!  My parents told me that he might be sticking around for a while, so I let it slide.  So FIVE BIRTHDAYS LATER, Josh finally popped the question.”

Theresa is a teacher in a highly Amish populated area.  One of her student’s grandmothers made this cake from scratch using her own recipe.  Theresa had no idea what the cake was going to look like but was so happy when she saw it.  “Look at the top!”  A Beatles quote “All You Need Is Love” (and note the heart shape)!

I can only say: Right place at the right time.

They really had fun during their first dance.

Another shot of Josh’s grandmother’s engagement ring, accompanied by Theresa’s mother’s wedding band. The rings were very sentimental.

Unfortunately, Theresa’s father had passed away about four years ago.  She gave this heartbreaking speech about how it’s always hard to see the father/daughter dances at weddings.  She did a wonderful job memorializing her father.  To compliment her beautiful speech, she invented the “Brouwer Shuffle.”  All of her family members, on the Brouwer side, were invited to come up and do the “Cupid Shuffle.”  It was so fun shooting Grandma Brouwer’s reactions.

Photo booth: Don’t pass up on this. It was so much fun. Your guests will love it!

Josh isn’t much of a dancer, but he was willing to join Theresa out on the floor a few times.

This was a great idea for the garter toss, until the garter hit the ceiling and fell straight to the floor.

I find garter tosses to be kind of strange, but Josh made it very classy.

And the winner is…. Tim.  Since Josh’s toss went straight to the floor, he tried to pick it up to do it again.  Tim grabbed it before Josh got a chance.

Theresa grabbed the mic and told everyone to get on the dance floor.  I love her assertiveness.

Dan, Theresa’s step-father, was getting down on the dance floor.  It looks like all the lady’s were loving it.

Ceremony: Riveroaks Community Church

Intimates location: Raymond’s Restaurant and Lounge

Reception Location: Nelson’s Banquet Hall

Catering: Nelson’s Chicken

Photobooth:  SSphotobooth

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