July 16, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Getting the Pictures You Want For Your Wedding

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I was approached by a guest at a wedding just recently that insisted that I get pictures of every table.  He explained that his wedding was just a few years back and the photographer “forgot” to take pictures of all the guests at each table.  From my experience this isn’t something that most photographers do. So in this case, the expectations of the client didn’t match the service of the photographer.
For my clients, I go through a questionnaire with them to ensure we get those pictures that are a “must” to capture.  Before that, I send them a list of shots we always get, and a list of all the family portraits to help spark ideas.  This way my bride and groom can add to the list and we can assure the couple that their wedding will be captured the way they wanted it to be captured.

Good photographers can be bad communicators.  For most brides I talk with, this is their first wedding and they have no idea what’s normally captured until after their wedding. This is my recommendation.

  • Ask your photographer for a traditional capture list. This is a list of shots they ALWAYS get, no matter the wedding. Unless you are leaving out a particular event (garter toss), then it will be captured.
  • Make sure to go over a “must” list with your photographer before the wedding date.  This way he/she has a check list and can cover everything you are wanting them to get. Remember, the more that is on your list, the more the photographer will be checking it, and the less time he/she will be shooting. Keep it simple, ONLY the “musts.”

This way if you are one of those brides who wants to have pictures of all the tables, then you’ll know if your photographer captures it or not.

By the way, I highly recommend not getting table pictures. They are not flattering to your guests. If you want pictures of all your guests, do a photo booth! Almost all, if not all, of your guests will participate in something fun like a photo booth.


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