July 23, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Perfect Getting Ready Pictures

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One of my favorite times during a wedding is witnessing the bride getting in her dress for the first time. Tears are shed and reality kicks in for the bride. It was the first time, as a bride, that I felt like I was actually a bride.  There is something about witnessing that moment that makes my creative juices flow. I crave a gorgeous outcome, to match the moment itself.  Here are some tips to help you (or your photographer) capture that moment beautifully!
Lighting is key

I scope out the location to find the best spot for lighting. Beautiful light equals beautiful pictures. If you have a choice for where you get ready, pick a location with a lot of natural (window) light. The lighting tends to be more romantic. Turn off those nasty florescent lights. They are the worst.  If you are trying to decide between a few salons, pick the one with the most natural light.

Great getting ready picturse_001

Cinderelly Cinderelly

Have all your bridesmaids in their attire and have them help get you in your dress. Remember the mice in Cinderella?  I always imagine that with the bride and her bridesmaids. I have the girls help spread out the dress, straighten up accessories, put on shoes, and anything else that is needed. These create for beautiful pictures that are surrounded by your best friends and family members.  We’ve even had friends doing alterations while the bride was in her dress. How fitting.

Great getting ready picturse_003

Cleanliness is Close to Godliness (or awesome pictures)

If you must get ready in the room  your bridesmaids and yourself have been in all day, please have them clean up. The one thing that can really ruin it all are bras on the floor, red solo cups from drinks on tables, and plates from the breakfast with bits of food still clinging to them. It really kills the mood.

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Be candid. The best thing to do is soak in the moment and forget the photographer is there. Not only does it make for gorgeous pictures but it also creates a more memorable moment!

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