May 7, 2019

Unique Wedding Gifts for your Bridal Party

Wedding planning is a special time. However, sometimes while planning your wedding, your to-do list can get out of hand. Well, I’m hoping that today I can help you check something off your list with a recommendation of a site with some unique wedding gifts.

You might be raking your brain for ideas for your bridesmaid gifts. I was there. I’ve felt that pain. I had no idea what object would best show my gratitude to my friends who were helping me out. Well, Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique is a great place to start. I was so impressed by the variety of options.

Right now, what I’ve seen the most of is thank you baskets for your ladies. You can fill the basket with your favorite things, including your favorite bottle of wine. Although Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique has hundreds of items to choose from, you have to get your girls one of these wine cups. Joe from BGB sent me one with my name on it! It’s not only pretty but it keeps my wine chilled! Can you imagine your girls with these in their hand in the morning, each with their name or initials?

Consider having these all out in the morning with a bottle of OJ and also some champagne. They have a nice sipping lid that champagne glasses lack so no worries about big spills as you all roam the room.

unique wedding gifts of travel wine glass with oranges

You can add them to a basket full of goodies. A wonderful gift that can be used over and over again are their garden party robes. Consider putting it all in one tote that can be reused, like this Flaura Tote Bag.

travel wine glass with straw

I love these Unique Wedding Gifts!

I love mine, and I know your bridesmaids will be a fan as well. You don’t have to be a wine drinker to love a wine cup. I filled mine up with coffee the other day, and subsequently it stayed hot for a long time. Although, I can’t resist having a glass of wine out of it every once in a while.

unique wedding gifts of wine and travel wine glass

Thanks to Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique! Also, thanks to Groovy Guy Gifts for sponsoring this post.

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