February 26, 2019

Vineyard Publication Shoot at Belgian Horse Winery

I’m so lucky that I was able to reconnect with Jentry, Casey, Stephanie, Grace, and Jordan to shoot these photos last year! I did a small styled shoot for a publication. They wanted to highlight Belgian Horse Winery in Middletown, IN. I asked if any of my past clients and friends wanted to be a part of a vineyard publication shoot. These lovely people all responded to help out! I’m so blessed to be able to work with so many great people!

Did you love this Vineyard Publication shoot at Belgian Horse Winery?

If you loved the photos from this shoot, then check out some of the other work I’ve done! Check out my styled shoots and weddings captured at vineyards too!

Firstly, check out this Modern Baroque styled shoot I did last year at 1899! This shoot combined some of the things I love most from my education and my job as a wedding photographer! I love the Baroque period of art. So, for this shoot we tried to take a modern wedding photography style look at that. It was super interesting and fun. At the time most wedding photography had a more light and airy look. The Baroque artists painted more moody scenes. So we had to find an interesting balance.

Also, check out this sensational styled shoot I did. It’s for Savoir Faire Events and CS Accoutrements at the Prairie Guest House! The owner is one of my friends. So we put together a shoot that would highlight the amazing work she does! Savoir Faire knocked it out of the park with this one!

Lastly, check out this wonderful winery wedding I shot last year! It’s with Ashley and Geoff at the Sycamore at Mallow Run Winery! This couple was so sweet! Unfortunately when it came time for their sunset shots though, the sky was completely overcast. So, we had to grab our flashes and get to work creating our own sunset. The pictures from this part of the day are some of my favorites from their wedding!

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