May 11, 2011

Wedding {Becca and James}

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Becca and James had a traditional wedding at the Pendleton First United Methodist Church. They anxiously waited for each other until the ceremony started. When Becca walked down the isle James shouted “YES! Beautiful.” When the worship started, It was a very emotional time for couple and their guest. Becca shed a few tears but James quickly grabbed a tissue for her. The worship was just gorgeous and a wonderful start to a beautiful marriage. They shared traditional vows but had unity water instead of candles. I haven’t seen this done very often but I really like it. The water mixed to a deep purple, the color of royalty, which was fitting because Becca looked like royalty in her gown.After the ceremony and pictures ended, the happy couple and their guest headed to the Paramount Theater in Anderson. The marquee lit up “Congratulations, Becca and James,” and glowed just as their faces did in excitement and joy.
Towards the end of the reception, James decided to put together some additional entertainment for the guest. He had 9 people volunteer for “A Minute to Win it” games. One of the games, 3 separate people had to stack 5 apples. It was so fun to watch, and a lot more difficult that it seems. Unfortunately the closest anyone came to 5 was a guest who stacked 4.
It seemed as though all their guest had a great time at the reception. Becca looked gorgeous in her elegant dress but didn’t stop her from getting wild on the dance floor. James broke out many dance moves and won over an audience. They both looked great and planned a beautiful traditional, yet fun, wedding!

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