February 2, 2020

Wedding Favor Ideas

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I want to take a moment on the blog today to talk about gifts for your guests. Not every wedding has gifts for their guests, but if you are thinking about it I thought I could help with some cool ideas. Steve and I have been going through Forever Wedding Favors and looking at some of the cool gifts they have there. So we thought we’d share some ideas and talk about the idea of customizing gifts!

First up, Should you customize gifts or not?

Reasons To Customize:

  • We collect so many things, it’s sometimes nice to have something to remember the event from or even where it came from.
  • Something pretty and special to remember your day.
  • Remind relatives and close friends your anniversary is coming up.

Reasons Not To:

  • Don’t feel guilty if this is a place you’d like to cut corners, not everything has to have a wedding date on it. Most guests aren’t expecting anything other than something to drink, a good meal, and good music, so anything you give them is going to be a pleasant surprise.
  • Leaving items as is will give your guests something they might want to use.
  • Customization takes time, and when you’re wedding planning, you don’t have a lot of that.

If you want to add something to make the gift memorable and tie it back to your wedding day, but you don’t want people to throw it out because it has your names or your wedding date on it, then we have an option that might work better. Try customizing the box, not the item. This works especially well for items that people might use on a regular basis, like salt & pepper shakers, a cute magnet, or coasters.

Here are some fun customizable options from Forever Wedding Favors:

Playing cards (customizable):

If you love games, a deck of cards is an excellent option.

Let your guest take home a deck or send them as save the dates.

They aren’t customizable on this page but you can add a sticker here

Another idea for game lovers is to have your guests write marriage advice on a deck of cards. You can play a round of “Go Fish” and when you get a match, you read what is on the cards. Or for your anniversary, take a deck leftover from the wedding and make this adorable book for your S.O.

Salt & Pepper (customizable)

Stickers to customize salt and pepper box

Ladies and Gentleman salt & PEPPA. These are completely adorable together also really funny because they look like they might attack for your food. These polar bear salt and pepper shakers are me. I like to hug, and I’m equally willing to fight for food.

Corkscrew wine bottle (customizable)

This isn’t a flimsy wine bottle opener. It gets the job done and it’s easy to use.

Wine stopper (customizable options)

Since most people drink wine, a wine stopper is a very usable gift. Every time they use it they’ll think about how much fun they had at your wedding. Many options: airplane for the globetrotter, banana leaf topper for a tropical feel, and even something cute and customizable with your name and wedding date. One of my favorites is the flamingo which I can see using by the pool with a chilled bottle of rosé.

If you are feeling generous, how about including a wine bottle with a customized wine bottle sticker – bottles of wine for the guest, wedding party, or at the table.

We hope you were able to take some of these ideas and make them your own! Happy wedding planning!
Thanks for Forever Wedding Favors for sponsoring this post!

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