February 21, 2023

Van Elk Family Photos and Why Multitalented Wedding Photographers Are So Important

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We wanted to update our family photos recently. Even though we’ve been shooting for quite some time and have a lot of photographer friends, we weren’t certain who we wanted to hire to take our photos. That’s when we realized we were maybe thinking too hard about this. We have an amazing lead photographer who shoots weddings for us, Hannah, and she is amazing at family photos during weddings. So we decided to just ask Hannah to shoot our family photos, because we knew she would exceed our expectations for family photos. We were so right. Obviously, we are a little biased, since we just adore Hannah’s work and the subject of the photos was us and our kids, but we think you can agree that Hannah just has an eye for this. She’s one of our favorite multitalented wedding photographers.

Why Multitalented Wedding Photographers Are So Important

Wedding photography is so versatile, which is also why it can be so challenging. Not only is the shooter focused primarily on Event or Documentary style photography throughout the day, but the photographer also needs to stylize details like Product photography, capture meals like Food photography, shoot families and couple portraits like a Family or Engagement session, and make sure all the wedding party portraits have a Lifestyle photography feel, all while being creative and directing everyone. Although Hannah is primarily a wedding photographer and doesn’t really capture families, because of her experience with weddings we knew we had nothing to worry about.

The following photos were taken at the War Memorial in downtown Indianapolis. We are very excited to share them!

Make Sure You Remember to Schedule Your Family Photos

As photographers, we know how hard it is to remember to get family photos, and we are reminded daily. This is your reminder to think ahead for this fall with your favorite photographer. Look out for holiday sales and mini-sessions if you are wanting just a couple of pictures of your family. Many photographers will put their events on Facebook, so be sure to check your upcoming events page on Facebook for upcoming photographer deals.

If you’d like to see more family portrait posts from our multitalented wedding photographers, check out these:

Fall sessions are popular for a reason! Look how cozy and cute these photos are with the Shaffer family. It was the perfect time with colorful leaves on the trees and fallen ones in the green grass. We couldn’t have picked a better weekend.

Check out this session with the Baldwins! We have had wonderful sessions with Brittany and her family throughout the years. This one with their whole extended family always makes me smile. This reminds me, I need to get photos with my extended family!

2018 feels like only three years ago to me, where did the other 2 years ago (cough*thankscovid*cough)? Here is a blast from the past. As our style has changed a bit, our skills have only gotten better. I know 2023 is only going to be amazing for portraits.

If you’d be interested in booking with one of our photographers please reach out. We’d love to book a session with you!

If you loved the photos in this blog post, consider visiting the Indiana War Memorial.

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