March 4, 2019

Zyntango Farm Engagement with Corrine & Dan

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There was an overhang shading the window, so only a small amount of sunshine made it through the glass. Corrine stood, backlight by the window light, in the barn. Dan approached her and hugged her, their silhouettes romantically bonded together. There were so many more lovely moments just like this at this shoot! I had so much fun capturing this Zyntango Farm engagement session with Corrine and Dan!

Did you love this Zyntango Farm engagement session with Corrine and Dan?

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Firstly check out this wonderful wedding with Katie and Dan at the Lindley Farmstead Estate at Chatham Hills in Westfield, Indiana! This barn wedding was so much fun to shoot! Steve and I captured Katie’s siblings’ weddings as well, so this was a very special event for us! It means so much when the brother or sister of a past client hires us, because they of course saw all of the photos from the day and interacted with us throughout the day. So they really know us and what we’re capable of doing.

Also check out this whimsical wedding with Laura and Juan at the Barn at Kennedy Farm in Lizton, Indiana! Steve and I had so much fun capturing Laura and Juan’s wedding! Steve and I rarely get to shoot engagement sessions together, but this was one couple that we did have that experience with and it was awesome! It felt like we made new best friends! Then on their wedding day it was just like a continuation of that great feeling!

Lastly check out this amazing wedding with Kendra and Sam at Mustard Seed Gardens in Noblesville, Indiana! This is one of the closest venues to where Steve and I live, and it’s also one of our favorites! Also, Kendra and Sam’s wedding was just a joy to capture. It rained, but not enough rain to make them move the wedding.

If you loved these photos of Corinne and Dan at Zyntango Farm, then maybe check out their website and consider booking your next shoot there!

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