August 15, 2015

Chicago Engagement | Chicago Wedding Photographers | Linsey & Nate’s engagement

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The bricks had fallen off the building in several places and may of the windows on the lower story were had sheets of plywood covering the top half while the bottom half remained naked. There was a mural fading in the sunlight on the wall of the building, but the fade was unequal as if it had only experienced dappled light through the leaves of a tree. Linsey and Nate stood in front of the mural, during the peak of rush hour traffic in Chicago, and embraced each other. People stared out of car windows as they passed by on the street. Linsey and Nate just stared into each other’s eyes, on the side of this busy street in the Pilsen neighborhood, oblivious to the world around them. This neighborhood, with its busy traffic, beautiful murals, and vibrant Hispanic culture is where Linsey and Nate will be living after they marry each other in October.

I have to admit, I am a little jealous. If you take a quick walk down the road in the Pilsen neighborhood, your eyes are delightfully treated to a view of the iconic Chicago skyline. The Willis Tower, a god amongst mere mortals, reigns over the rest of the buildings. Ever watchful of its city, and all the neighborhoods and suburbs, the Willis Tower stands resolute. I love this city, and I am so glad I was able to capture Linsey and Nate’s engagement shoot here, especially since I was able to get a few shots with that beautiful skyline in the background.

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