April 25, 2019

East Central Indiana Wedding with Makenzie and Kyle

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As the sun was dipping below the horizon, we ran outside to do a few photos of Makenzie and Kyle. We were losing light fast, so we only had a few moments to make some magic happen. Caught up in the moment and the romance, without me asking for any poses, Kyle hugged Makenzie and they kissed. We did a lot of other photos, but that one was my favorite because it was spontaneous. I was still trying to get set up and make sure my flash was working. This was just one of the amazing moments from Makenzie and Kyle’s emotional east central Indiana wedding.

I’m so glad I was able to capture Makenzie and Kyle’s wedding! These two were married at a church just down the road from where Jenn went to high school. They were married in a small town just outside of the city where Jenn and I were married. It felt a little like coming home. Every time I saw Kyle tear up and cry, it took everything not to start crying with him. The feelings and emotions at this wedding were so raw and beautiful. I feel blessed that I was able to experience it all. Also, I was super blessed to have Hannah as my second shooter at this wedding! It was a great day, and I’m so proud of all the beautiful moments we were able to witness and capture! Jenn and I wish Makenzie and Kyle nothing but the best as they continue their lives together!

A big thanks to all of the vendors who helped make this East Central Indiana Wedding so special!

  • Ceremony and Reception Location: Farmland Friends
  • ChurchCoordinator/Planner: Molly Hanson
  • Officiant: Brian Richmond
  • Wedding Dress (Designer & Boutique): David’s Bridal Collection (Mikado) & David’s Bridal
  • Veil/Hair Piece: Custom Made Gold Lined Veil
  • Shoes (Brand/Store): Gold Sandals from David’s Bridal
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Long Gold Sequence Halter Top Dresses
  • Suits: White Shirt/Black Pants/Light Pink Vest/Gold Tie (Burgundy Tie for Best Man)
  • Hair Stylist: Jami Stephan & Morgan Windham
  • Make-up Artist: Morgan Windham
  • Cake Designer/Bakery: JoEtta Harris
  • Save the Date Designer: Scott Parkison
  • Invite Designer: Scott Parkison
  • Program Designer: Scott Parkison
  • Videographer: Zane Kear
  • Honeymoon: Europe; London, Dublin, and Paris (July)
  • First Dance Song: Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  • Father/Daughter Song: Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Mother/Son Song: The Perfect Fan – The Backstreet Boys

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