November 9, 2011

{Engagement: Katie and Drayk}

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It’s a small world.  Drayk originally got a business card from my mother. He is one of her customers (she is one of my biggest fans. Love my mom).  I met with Katie, only to find out that she works with my sister and is really good friends with my cousin!  I love little connections.
I’m so pumped to be shooting their wedding next year.  Katie is super creative, fashionable, and do I need to say it??- totally beautiful! Drayk is such a sweetheart.  I picked on him a bit on the shoot, but he just laughed and played along.  They interact so great together, even in an uncomfortable situation, like a photo shoot.

I wasn’t feeling too great the day of the session but it was so nice to be working with creative and very kind people.  Katie’s family followed us out to the river and helped with the session. I was so thankful her sister was their to help with everything.

I’m really looking forward to their late summer wedding!































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