May 3, 2018

Family Photos with Augusta and Mitch

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I just love it when former wedding clients contact me to do family photos! It was so thrilling when Augusta and Mitch reached out to me to see if I could capture some photos of their family! I love getting the chance to check back in and catch up with past clients, and I especially love it when my clients have kids! Their daughter was so adorable!

This shoot was so much fun because Augusta and Mitch are such fun people! Their daughter is so lucky to be blessed with such great parents. All throughout the shoot, Augusta and Mitch were constantly playing with their daughter. Her face lit up ever time they were around her!

This shoot was so much fun! Babies and toddlers can sometimes be difficult to capture, but not this one. She was incredibly photogenic and really lit up all throughout these family photos. There was hardly a single moment where she wasn’t laughing and smiling! Their daughter was an absolute delight throughout the whole shoot and she’s just so incredibly adorable!

Doing Family Photos Brings Me So Much Joy!

Sometimes I don’t really stop to take the time and write about how much I love doing different photo shoots. I really love weddings, but when I do family photos, like these, it gives me a break from the 8-10 hour days that’ll only ever happen once in a life. The way my clients interact with each other and love on each other is so inspiring. I know how it is with families most of the time: a hot mess. So I love delivering photos to them that capture them at their best, when the kids that aren’t screaming and crying and the house isn’t a mess. I know how much I treasure those moments with my family.

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