May 4, 2018

Isagenix Headshots with Jentry and Casey in Indianapolis

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I just loved doing this shoot with Jentry and Casey! These two are such a great couple! I loved helping them craft some photos for marketing purposes for their business with Isagenix in Indianapolis. I also really loved that we were able to capture some personal photos as well. We rented a studio in Greenwood for the shoot, and I was blown away by how versatile the space was. It worked great for portraits of the two of them. We did headshots and also just some portraits of the two of them spending time together and interacting.

After I captured some shots of the two of them to get them loosened up, we transitioned into some more marketing type material for Jentry and Casey for their Isagenix franchise! We set up a few basic shots of them working together at some tables and desks in the building. We were mimicking how they actually work together when they’re at home. It was an awesome shoot! I had a ton of fun working with them to achieve some really great photos of the two of them working and the product! Steve and I work together and we’re married, so I always love it when I get to capture other couples who also work together!

Even When We Do Something a Little Different like this Isagenix shoot, We’re Still Capturing Love

Even though this shoot was mostly scheduled to get some photos for their marketing, their love for one another shined through in everything that they did together. It was so great to see the way they doted on one another and took care of each other. I hope Steve and I look this adorable when we work together. It’ makes me so happy to dote on Steve, open doors for him, grab drinks for him and tools for him. Steve always takes care of me while we’re shooting, so I know he loves it too. Mostly, I just hope we’re generally looking out for each other all day long. I hope we do that even we’re not working!

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