May 22, 2018

Wedding Photo Podcast guests with Ulices Del Toro

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Continuing on this podcasting trend that Steve started for us, we’re back at it again! We went on the Wedding Photo Podcast with Ulices Del Toro to talk about our businesses! We talked with Ulices about running a wedding photography company while trying to stay married and deeply in love. I talked with Ulices about our editing company, Bespoke Tone! Steve talked with Ulices about his podcast, the Wedding Photo Hangover! Our daughter, Nora, woke up during this interview! Yikes! We had to take turns trying to get her back to sleep. So, if one of these Wedding Photo Podcast guests drops out of the interview for a little while, it’s because our baby girl needed us.

I don’t know if we’ve ever mentioned Bespoke Tone on the blog before, but Steve and I edit photos, video, and audio for other creatives! Our main focus is working with other wedding photographers! We match their editing style and work to help them maintain a consistent look across all of their weddings! It’s been a lot of fun and we’ve got to work with a lot of super talented creators already! We’re so excited about this company and helping other creatives offload some of their responsibility so they have more time to spend with their families.

Find Ulices’s full show notes here!

Did you love hearing these Wedding Photo Podcast guests on Ulices Del Toro’s podcast?

If you loved hearing us in this podcast, then check out some of the other times we’ve done this! We’ve taken to the interwaves to talk about photography before! (Podcasts aren’t distributed on the airwaves so interwaves makes sense, right?)

In Episode 39 I filled in for Steve when he was sick!

In Episode 11 Steve coerced me to come on to share a really cool story. Then he just had me stick around for the rest of the episode.

UPDATE 12/17/2018: On the subject of podcasting… Steve and I have launched our own podcast all about wedding planning and having a healthy relationship! The podcast called Wedded! We’re putting out a bunch of episodes this week! Then we hope to fall into a weekly or bi-weekly schedule! So follow the link or find us on your favorite podcast player and subscribe!

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