April 29, 2018

Wedding Hungover again on the Wedding Photo Hangover podcast

After the first time, I knew that eventually Steve would ask me back onto his podcast Wedding Photo Hangover again! I came back on Steve’s show this week to talk about wedding photography. It was a little bit more serious of a show than usual. Why? Because Steve was sick. I was actually stepping in for Steve and taking over his spot on the podcast. So it’s just me and Dustin this… and Steve still edited the show. I like to think that Steve was just a little bit too wedding hungover after all the awesome weddings we’ve been shooting this year.

Since Steve’s not on the episode, Dustin takes the opportunity to dig into my past! We talk a lot about why I shoot weddings and what drew me to photography! We also talk about how I got my start in the business. But don’t just come for all that, we also make fun of Steve a little since he’s not on the podcast. Even though he kept texting me throughout the whole recording.

Did you love hearing Jenn fill in for her wedding hungover husband?

Firstly, head on over to the Wedding Photo Hangover site to find the full show notes for this episode. If you want to hear more of the podcast, just pop on over to Wedding Photo Hangover. You can find all the information you’d ever want there!

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Jenn has been part of the Wedding Photo Hangover podcast before back in episode 11! You can find that here!

UPDATE 12/17/2018: Steve and I have launched our own podcast all about wedding planning and having a healthy relationship! It’s called Wedded! We’re putting out a bunch of episodes this week! Then we hope to fall into a weekly or bi-weekly schedule! So follow the link or find us on your favorite podcast player and subscribe!

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