October 22, 2017

Wedding Photo Hangover Podcast guest with Jennifer Van Elk

I don’t know how many people who follow this blog know this, but Steve does a podcast now. He’s doing with his friend, Dustin, another Indiana wedding photographer. The podcast is called the Wedding Photo Hangover podcast. It’s a comedy podcast about wedding photography and running a wedding photography business. And I want to say, I’m so glad I got to be the very first Wedding Photo Hangover podcast guest!

Steve asked me to come on the podcast while he was recording this week. He wanted me to talk about a funny story with a bride, her veil, and some wind. If you’re here reading this, then you probably already saw the photos and read the story on my instagram. But if you want to hear me tell the story, give this a listen.

I stuck around for the rest of the episode too! We talked about a lot of photography stuff and Dustin and Steve made their very stupid, but very funny jokes. If you want to hear Steve make a fool of himself every week and give very bad advice to other wedding photographers, then check them out. It can be a little bit not suitable for kids though, so just keep that in mind.

Did you love this special post about my stint as a Wedding Photo Hangover podcast guest?

If you want to hear more episodes of Steve’s podcast you can find it here.

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UPDATE 12/17/2018: Steve and I have launched our own podcast all about wedding planning and having a healthy relationship! It’s called Wedded! We’re putting out a bunch of episodes this week! Then we hope to fall into a weekly or bi-weekly schedule! So follow the link or find us on your favorite podcast player and subscribe!

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