February 9, 2020

Garment Factory Wedding Sneak Peek with Hannah & Quinton

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The sneak peeks are up for this beautiful winter wedding at the Garment Factory! Hannah & Quinton, who have just moved here in 2019 from Texas, were one of the most laid back couples. They even completely braved the cold twice on this chilly day! There are so many stories from this day that we’ll be sure to include in their full post, but I couldn’t leave out my favorite. Some flower girls might think they know everything, but I can guarantee this wedding has the wisest. Check out some of the photos from this Garment Factory Wedding sneak peek below!

To be continued

-Jenn & Steven

Also, check out Hannah and Quinton’s engagement shoot that we did at the Garment Factory a few weeks before their wedding. It was really cold out when we did the shoot, so instead of braving the weather, we did the whole thing inside. It was marvelous because the Garment Factory is such a beautiful venue. There are a lot of great places to shoot all around inside the building.

Also, if you loved these Garment Factory Wedding Sneak Peek photos, then check out their website and consider booking your special day there. It’s a great location. We love shooting here.

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