June 7, 2016

Barn at Kennedy Farm | Indianapolis Wedding Photographers | Grace & Jordan

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With a crackle and pop the first sparkler burst into life. The fire burned bright and hissed as it shot out sparkling white light. Then, all down the line, other sparklers burst into life, shooting out brilliant little flames as they burned. Suddenly the pathway from the barn to the getaway car was transformed from a long tunnel of dark faces, to a luminous tunnel filled with the smiling faces of family and friends, their eyes reflecting back the radiant light from the sparklers as they peered with happy hearts at the newlyweds who were walking down the middle of the path. The sparklers warded off the darkness, providing a few more magical minutes of illumination at the end of the day. Grace and Jordan paused halfway down the path to share a kiss in the middle of their friends and family, in the midst of the crackling, hissing, and popping of the tunnel of sparklers. It was just a little magic to send the newlyweds off at the end of the night, a reminder of how magical their love is and will continue to be throughout their life together.

On the day of Grace and Jordan’s wedding, Steve and I woke up to find that our daughter, just a few weeks old at the time, was very sick. We had to take her to the nearest emergency room, and as a result, we were unable to capture Grace and Jordan’s wedding. It broke our hearts that we couldn’t witness this wonderful couple getting married. So the following photos were captured by our good friends at Dustin & Corynn Wedding Photography who filled in for us on the day of the wedding, so we could take care of our sick daughter. Grace and Jordan were so incredibly kind in working with us through this predicament. They are such great people. They even took time out of their honeymoon to inquire about how Eleanor was doing. They are such a sweet couple, and we’re so glad we at least had the opportunity to experience their day second hand when we edited all of the photos. It truly looked like a magical event. We cannot thank Dustin enough for making himself, and his second shooter, available at such short notice.

Ceremony & Reception Location: The Barn at Kennedy Farms
Wedding Colors: Petal Pink, Gold, Navy, Cream
Officiant: Dale Shaw
Wedding Dress: Mod Cloth (website)
Shoes: Clarks
Bridesmaid Dresses: Frillz.etsy.com
Suits: Jos. A. Banks
Hair Stylist: Joshua Agan, The Compass Salon
Make-up Artist: Chelsea Freeburn
Florist: US
Catering: BBQ’N Fool, Grant
Entertainment: Ashley Wilcox and The Cosmos
Videographer: Alec Varvel
Honeymoon: Train Trip and Backpacking along west coast
Processional: Anne’s Theme

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