June 30, 2019

Hamilton County Family Photography with the Singleton Family

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The Singletons picked up their two children and huddled together for some photos. As they stood, mom holding her daughter and dad holding his son, they shifted the arms in which their kids were being held. As they did this, the kids bumped together, back to back. Their daughter leaned back in her mother’s arms, twisting her at the waist to see what or whom she had bumped. When she saw it was her little brother, she leaned over and gave him a sweet little kiss on the side of the head. There were so many precious moments like this with the Singletons! I loved doing their Hamilton County family photography session!

Did you love this Hamilton County family photography session?

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Also, check out this adorable family session with the Olson family at the Potter’s Bridge Park in Noblesville! I have shot a lot of sessions with the Olsons. They are friends from college and it has been so neat to watch their family grow! I love these shoots I do with them each year, capturing photos of their kids as they grow up. Plus, this park is one of my favorite places to shoot in Noblesville. The covered bridge is beautiful!

Lastly, check out this sweet family session with the Robertson family at the canal in downtown Indianapolis! This family photo session was so much fun to capture! We shot all along the canal that runs through downtown and their kids were so sweet with each other the whole time! I love working with families that love each other so much!

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