October 22, 2021

How Not to Shed Tears on Your Special Day?

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Article by Jason Smith

Getting married is indeed an extremely emotional event in a woman’s life. A bride undergoes a whirlwind of emotions on her D-day. She is finally getting hitched to her soulmate. The few moments in which she walks down the aisle bring in numerous memories of her childhood. With each progressing step, she realizes that she is leaving behind her maiden life, the golden days that she has spent with her parents, siblings, and cousins. Thus, it is absolutely normal when her eyes glisten with a few happy tears.

However, if the bride is literally bawling her eyes out, then things can get a bit ugly. Crying hard can ruin the entire makeup. And the bride ends up looking like a terrible mess on her most special day. Besides, the groom feels intimidated all the time because of the gloomy ambiance. The guests, too, can get teary-eyed even though they want to enjoy the party, indulge in festivities, and check out the wedding favors that you bought from stores such as bestpricefavors.com.

So, what can be done to control your precious tears from escaping your eyes while melting down your mascara? If you are someone who tends to cry at the drop of a hat and is also planning to get hitched soon, please read on!

·        Practice your vows multiple times before the actual wedding:

Poetic professions of your love to your partner can indeed be an intense moment, and getting teary-eyed during reciting these vows is absolutely normal. It is therefore advisable that you practice the wedding vows with your partner multiple times before the wedding day. This saves a lot of drama on D-day, and the couples can easily recite their vows to each other while maintaining their calm.

·        Add a bit of humor in your vows and cut down on the excessive emotional tonality

Try keeping your vows light-hearted. You may feel tempted to add mushy lines to your wedding vows. But adding a humorous twist can save you from crying your heart out. The funny part balances out the emotional upheavals and makes you feel relaxed.

·        While getting your makeup done, be conscious about the fact that you do not want it to get ruined: Focus on your makeup and hair. Remember that you have spent a bomb on your makeup and hairstyle. Whenever you feel the urge to cry, just mutter to yourself that you do not want to ruin your makeup.

·        Choose music that is fun-filled, groovy, and upbeat: Music has a great potential to impact our minds. Generally, special music is chosen for the special moment when the bride walks down the aisle. If the song is way too intense or romantic, then you may feel like crying. But if you choose something groovy or upbeat, the moment will be fun-filled and energetic. You will feel all pumped up for the commencement of your new journey.

silhouette of bride and groom hugging in front of large windows at a woolery mill wedding

·        Discuss the emotions with your bestie or mother and your would-be-partner beforehand: A day before your wedding, speak your heart out with your bestie, or mum, or your partner. Spill out whatever is going through in your mind. Talk about your wedding dress, your reason for getting married, how much you love your partners, what is that one thing which is troubling you internally, and so on. Feel all the overwhelming emotions, hug them and let your tears flow down your cheeks.

·        Breathe deep when you feel your emotions getting out of hand: When you start feeling overwhelmed, try to keep calm by focussing on your breath. Take deep breaths and fill your lungs to maximum capacity. Deep breathing keeps you calm and poised, and you can definitely hold your tears back.

Your wedding day will be a roller-coaster of emotions for you. The anticipation, the butterfly-in-the-stomach feeling, the surge of pride and love, the final relief- all these feelings and emotions will definitely make you feel anxious and overwhelmed. Do not feel guilty of shedding a few tears of joy. But anything beyond that is not something which you deserve on your wedding day. So, practice these tips and techniques to avoid crying on your special day and gather loads of happy memories on your special day.

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