September 14, 2016

Country Engagement Session | Indiana Wedding Photographer | Jaclyn & Cody

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The setting sun shimmered through the patchwork sheet of cirrostratus clouds draped across the sky. Behind the blue-gray clouds the sky was transitioning from navy blue to midnight blue, like the color of the ocean water far from shore. Cody and Jaclyn stood holding each other, backlit by the beautiful sky. Smiling, they gazed deep into each other’s eyes. They looked lost in their admiration of each other, floating lazily in a sea of love.

I had so much fun capturing Jaclyn and Cody’s engagement session. We did the shoot entirely on their property, and it was beautiful. It makes me wish I could convince my husband to move out to the country, so we could enjoy the space and loneliness afforded there. Steve and I really look forward to capturing Jaclyn and Cody’s wedding this autumn.

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