October 17, 2012

Jessica & Eric | Married! | Muncie Indiana Wedding Photographers | Muncie Alliance Church

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This wedding was very special to me. My friend from college, Jessica, married another friend of mine from college, Eric. I remember sitting down with Jessica to talk about boy problems, or lack there of (mostly mine), and now she is married to a man I know will treat her like gold until the end.
Jessica is the type of person you want to be your friend. She is an absolute sweetheart but isn’t afraid to give you advice you don’t want to hear. She has such a gentle heart, which she shares with all her friends. She’s funny and I always have a wonderful time with her. She is also there when you need a friend. She’s pretty much awesome.

Eric is an amazing guy. I really respect him as a brother in Christ, and he is very wise. I value his opinion more than most. Underneath all those deep conversations is a guy who is very funny and who has a contagious laugh. His laugh is uncanny.

They are an extraordinary couple. My mind was seriously blown when these two started dating. I just thought, wow, what amazing things they are going to do in this world together. It might sound cheesy or cliché, but I truly believe they are going to do some amazing things for the kingdom of God.

Eric loves Jessica so much. This is really embarrassing, but I’m going to share it anyway because it’s just ridiculous. When I saw Eric’s face when Jessica came through the doors during the ceremony I lost it. I tear up at a lot of weddings, but I was bawling when she was walking down the aisle. It was really bad. When I was editing the pictures, I started to cry again! I promise I’m not emotionally unstable, I was just so happy for Jess. They really do love each other, a lot, and I really do love them.

I loved the yellow and gray details and I’m a huge fan of the incorporation of baby’s-breath in the center pieces. It was beautifully done. Jess creatively put together the picture frame trays and designed the centerpieces. The dessert reception was amazing. The desserts made by friends were a perfect compliment to the late evening celebration. One of my favorite additions was the milk and cookies table. It was a beautiful and FUN reception.

Thank you both so much for letting be a part of your special day!


































































































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