October 25, 2016

Coxhall Gardens | Carmel Engagement Session | Kayleigh & Nathaniel

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The first leaves were beginning to change color from a dark green to a bright orange. A few had even blown off the trees already. It was the time of year when the slow transition from summer temperatures to fall temperatures suddenly accelerates, and people wander out their front door in shorts and sandals only to hustle back inside shivering to look for sweaters and shoes. The branches of a tree in Coxhall Gardens hung low as if reaching down to shake hands with the grass below. A crisp autumn breeze rustled the low hanging branches which Kayleigh stood between while that same breeze ruffled her hair. Nathaniel, her fiance, walked up behind her and hugged hugged her, shielding her from the brisk breeze and keeping her warm. He gently kissed her on top of her head as a few leaves fluttered down to the grass beneath them.

I had so much fun capturing Kayleigh and Nathaniel at Coxhall Gardens. The gardens are absolutely lovely in fall. Kayleigh and Nathaniel were so kind and easy to talk to throughout the whole shoot. I had such a lovely time that afternoon, and Steve and I are really looking forward to capturing their wedding next year on the second day of fall.

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