April 15, 2011

Lets be honest…

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I’m a huge nerd. I’m wondering when this actually happened. Probably somewhere between my math scores in elementary and my current love for Dr. Who. Unfamiliar with Dr Who the TV show? Well, I’ll tell you.  BBC + aliens + time travel + space + bow ties. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can’t get any nerdier than that… UNLESS dinosaurs were incorporated some how. It’s still on air, so there is still that chance. I’m not a huge fan of reality tv. I have never seen an episode of Jersey Shore, which might be the epitome of cool right now. I also spell everything out correctly (for the most part) when I text. “Oh! Laughing Out Loud.”  Maybe not that bad but it’s quite peculiar. Hey, in the words of Kathy Van Elk, “If you don’t love yourself, no one will.”

Today, I watched the Labyrinth, one of my favorite movies growing up, and the more and more I watch it in my adult years the more I realize how strange it is! First of all, Jennifer Connelly’s character is extremely whiny. I use to feel sorry for her when I was younger but now I just want to put the TV on mute. Also, it’s like a drug trip. Dancing goblins and David Bowie walking on walls. I could even leave out “walking on walls,” because David Bowie is just a trip himself. Honestly, I still love the movie. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of it all, or the oddness is its appeal.

Speaking of nerdy: My “cousin-in-law” and his girlfriend got this for Iain. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’ve never seen a full episode of Battle Star Galactic that I’ve liked but I do love Dwight from “The Office” and he loves it.  Still, I LOVE the gift and Iain looks absolutely adorable in his new sweatshirt.

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