January 29, 2019

Louisville Engagement session with Amber & Brandon

Before we get to this Louisville engagement session, let me tell a quick story. One thing I’ve always told myself is that, if I was able to make a career in photography, I would always be willing to help anyone trying to get started. When I first started out, I had more people turn me away than offer to help. So I pledged to be a part of helping people succeed. Why? Because the few people that helped me have a ruly special place in my heart.

A little while ago, Amber asked if she could meet me to talk about business. I, of course, said yes. I was so excited to meet someone passionate about it as well. Immediately when I met her, I liked her. We had a lot in common. She was very great at keeping a conversation, which is crucial within any relationship I have, just ask my friends.

Anyway, I liked Amber right away. Several years went by and I would see her pop in my feed. Recently I saw her get engaged and secretly I was hoping she’d reach out! I saw her contact go through and I might have squealed a tiny bit.

A Lousiville Engagement Session!

We started talking about a Louisville engagement session soon after the booking. I love Indy, but after shooting here for 9 years I crave the travel shoots. They decided to have their shoot in the city they were living in, Louisville. I knew this was going to be one of my favorite shoots as soon as they said that.

On top of being super fun people to be around, they have killer chemistry. This shoot was so fun because I truly think personalities came out. We were able to capture fun, unique photos that represent no type of photography, but only who they are.

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