January 30, 2019

Punta Cana Destination Wedding Photography with Kylie & Rick

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The waves rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean and marched up a little beach toward a fabric draped trellis. Chairs were lined up in the sand, facing the trellis, and filled with the family and friends of the bride and groom. The bride and groom, Kylie and Rick, stood under the trellis holding hands as a strong breeze blew off the Atlantic, causing Kylie’s hair to flutter and her dress to wave. As they stood facing each other, tears streaming down their faces, they shared their vows. Behind them, the waves crashed into the beach, scoring their vows with a background music of a low rumble. Their Punta Cana destination wedding was incredible and unforgettable, and not just because I was standing next to my them as the matron-of-honor to my sister!

Steven and I decided to give Kylie and Rick a wedding gift they could remember. Steven captured video of the day and I did photo of everything but the ceremony. Can you imagine the pressure for Steve during the ceremony? One person, video and photo. I’m so impressed and think he did a fantastic job. Even if he did look weird running around with two cameras shooting everything!

A Very Emotional Punta Cana Destination Wedding!

This was one of the most emotional weddings for me. Instead of holding a camera during the ceremony, I held my niece’s hand. My sister said “I do” in front of family and friends to marry the love of her life. “You are my person,” she said in her vows, and I’m so thankful he is. Rick is such a wonderful addition to our family and I’m so excited to see how their lives unfold the next 50+ years. I love you both.

Their finished wedding video by Jennifer Van Elk Photography

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