February 13, 2019

Muncie Family Portraits with De La Vega Family

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A stout white fence guarded the backyard of the De La Vega house. The brilliant white only broken by a few green leaves some trees that grew up and flopped their branches over the fence. Looking out expectantly at the front yard, waiting for people to come back and play under their branches. In front of the white fence the De La Vega family walked together. Jenna, the mom, was holding their sweet baby girl in one arm, while using her other arm to hold her husband’s hand. These are just the sweetest Muncie family portraits I think I’ve ever shot!

Did you absolutely love these Muncie family portraits with the De La Vega Family?

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If you loved these family photos in Muncie, then maybe consider checking out Middletown, USA (no one who actually lives there calls it that). But, Muncie is a great little city with a small town vibe. It’s where I grew up. Also, it’s where Steve and I went to college. It’s where we were married and had our first kid. Also, it’s where Gary from Parks and Rec goes on vacation. So check out Muncie to vacation like Jerry/Larry/Terry/Gary!

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