December 8, 2021

Mustard Seed Gardens Engagement Photos with Analisa and Matt

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String lights hung in the air their light barely visible as the sun was just starting to set on a cloudy winter day. Under the shade of an old tree, a bit of snow still clung to the ground. Analisa and Matt stood in the snow, hugging to help keep each other warm. They looked at each other and smiled, then kissed. This was just one of the enchanting moments from their Mustard Seed Gardens engagement photos!

These two braved the cold for this shoot. It was only 20 degrees during this shoot and they wanted to do photos without their coats on for part of the time. So we did some with coats on and some with coats off, trying to switch it up so they didn’t get too cold.

Did you love these Mustard Seed Gardens engagement photos?

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