April 30, 2020

Newborn Essentials that Double as Photo Props

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Last week we published a piece about how to shoot newborn photos with an iPhone. We received some feedback from parents that are expecting that they don’t know if they have any picturesque newborn props and they don’t really want to spend money on something that would just be a photo prop. So we decided to do a little online shopping to find some super cute newborn essentials that you can double as photo props.


First up, a basket to store blankets and toys in, or to place your adorable baby inside for a photo.

There is this great basket you can pick up that looks similar to the one we used. It’s nice and big and you’ll be able to fit your newborn right into it. And later you can fill it with blankets or toys.

Swaddle Blankets

We use gauze blankets (see below) when we do newborn shoots. Those aren’t super practical for day to day use. So we found some adorable, swaddling blankets.

sweet baby all wrapped up in pink blanket on white backgroundNoblesville Newborn Photography

First up we love the neutral patterns and colors of these swaddling blankets. They’re simple and elegant. They won’t distract from your adorable bundle joy. If you want to add some color to your shoot though, try these sweet swaddling blankets with foxes and other characters on them.

Headbands and Hats

We try to make sure every newborn we shoot has photos with and without headbands and hats.

cute baby sleeps on gray background Noblesville Newborn Photography

These headbands with their neutral colors and cut bows are adorable. We love this litte bear hat too. Also, this neutral gray hat would be great too.


In our shoots we love using blankets as backdrops.

We love this knitted blanket and it looks so incredibly warm. This fleece Sherpa blanket would also be lovely and it looks super comfy. We also love the texture of this blanket which comes in a lot of different colors.

Done with these Newborn Essentials? Check out some of our newborn work for inspiration!

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