June 2, 2020

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Those Still Looking

My dad has always been on more of the sentimental side. He loves photo gifts and anything that you have to put in thought. This has made it really hard to come up with something 3 times a year for 15 (adult) years. If you’re in the same boat, then here are some of my Father’s Day gift ideas. If you have any great ones, add them in the comments below!

So how do you pick gifts? Is your father (or father figure) a more practical or sentimental type? Is he the guy who has everything or the guy that will eat anything? I found a few things that you can’t go wrong with, plus a list of 100 different personalized options for the sentimental dad, like my own.

Father’s Day gift ideas for the Dad Who Will Eat Anything


I purchased MunchPak for my parents last month and it was a huge hit. I wanted to send them something to let them know I was thinking of them during the pandemic. Since I know they love to snack, this seemed like an obvious choice. My dad said every single thing in the box was delicious. Unlike most subscription boxes, MunchPak has a one-time gift option. It is great if you don’t plan on spending hundreds of dollars on snacks.


credit: JerkyGent website

I’m personally a lover of jerky. It’s a great snack and anything someone can consume is always a fun gift. Jerky Gent offers 25% off your first order with code JERKYGENT25 this week.

Beer of the Month Club

credit: Beer of the month website

Most of the men in my life enjoy craft beer. My dad is a lover of IPAs and we always make sure our fridge is stocked before he comes over. Beer of the Month is a great gift especially to those who don’t have access to great beer around the US. I know my father would text me photos of him enjoying each beer with a message about which one was the best.

For the Dad Who Is Sentimental

Customized Wallet

I know my dad would love this. He’d open up his wallet daily and see how much he’s loved. Whether it’s a personalized message from you or your children, this is a personable and practical gift.

Personalized Mug

Whether it be a photo of themselves, a pet, or a photo of their favorite drinking buddy, this would definitely get your father laughing. Also, wouldn’t this go perfectly with the Beer of the Month or a 6-pack?

For the Dad Who Has Everything

Groovy Guy List

portable cooler gift with v on it filled with beers sitting on a wood table in front of red brick
credit: Jennifer Van Elk Photography

There are over 100 great ideas on this list. I highly recommend it because there are a variety of ideas for all types of dads.

Also, the cooler in the photo is something we own and love! Especially my husband, and he’s a dad!

What I Got My Dad


x2tee website

This sweatshirt is incredibly funny to me. It’s perfect for my father. My daughter (who is most likely the favorite) calls my dad “Poppy Jack,” instead of grandpa or papa. He adores it. I thought, why not. He’s really going to love it. Obvious by the sweatshirt, he loves golf. He plays weekly and this is definitely his color. I think this sweatshirt was made for him.

Duffle from Groovy Guy

I felt like I killed the sentimental gift, but I also wanted to get something that was practical. This is a great canvas bag, which will be great for those after work trips to the golf course. It’s versatile with great quality.

I’m incredibly excited about Steven’s gifts but you’re going to have to follow his instagram stories for those. I’m positive he’ll be posting them @stevenvanelk.

Not just Father’s Day gift ideas, these can also be bridal party gifts.

If you loved these Father’s Day gift ideas, then don’t forget that all of them make great groomsmen gifts too. I know most people that read this blog are more than likely gearing up for their wedding. If you or your significant other is struggling to come up with ideas, then go ahead and steal some of these. I know a lot of our grooms and brides over the years have gone with personalized gifts like those listed above.

Did you love these Father’s Day gift ideas?

If you did, then check out some of our other posts about products and gifts. Like this one about a wonderful personalized cooler or this one about wine glasses.

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