October 27, 2011

{Portraits: Chasteen Family} Boys will be Boys

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We’ve known the Chasteens for close to two years now, and have had the privilege to watch the boys grow.  We’ve seen Silas go through stages of love for trains, Toy Story, and now, his new found love of dinosaurs.  He loves telling you details about each one and knows the names very well.  One of his favorite things is to act out the dinosaurs, which I love. He does a wonderful T-Rex impression.  Jude had always been mellow since he was a baby.  I rarely saw him cry when he was an infant, and although “the twos” are a bit more difficult, I rarely see him upset.
I love their choice of Christmas card. I told Molly that I want it to be our Christmas card.  Even though it’s not a “perfect” shot of everyone looking at the camera smiling, it captures their personalities wonderfully! It just shows, having boys is a lot of work, but tons of fun!

This family has done nothing but help us out! Wonderful clothes, toys, and even a last minute babysitter. You don’t understand how much this family is a blessing to me.  My husband and I love hanging out with them.  I honestly think Steve would rather hang out with Silas than me sometimes. He has a blast with that kid.

I hope these pictures remind you enjoy the simple, but fun moments you share with your family.

The shoot was a lot of fun. The boys were EVERYWHERE. Just like boys.  Jude really wasn’t having it, but I sneaked in a few shots that I ended up loving.  I loved shooting with Molly and Aaron, because even though they love the pictures of the boys looking at the camera and smiling, they love the pictures of them just being themselves also.  I really appreciate the different personalities each individual has and really want to capture that. I feel privilege to add a few pages to their family album.

Thanks for viewing!

My favorite!  E does things like this all the time. I love how Jude is just completely unaware. 🙂

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