September 30, 2015

Notre Dame Campus Engagement | South Bend Wedding Photographers | Louann & Jack

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Notre Dame alumni, Jack and Louann, chose to have their engagement session on the University of Notre Dame du Lac’s campus. Steve and I met them off campus, and then embarked on a lovely walk through campus with the two of them. As we walked, pausing to take pictures in places with beautiful light, Jack and Louann would tell us about buildings on the campus. Jack and Louann took us to their bench, between the Pasquerilla Hall West and the Pasquerilla Hall East. As they sat on their bench, the naturally wrapped their arms around each other and Louann rested her head on Jack’s shoulder. They seemed at home on that bench, in each others’ arms.

From there we ventured to the resplendent Golden Dome, caught in the fading light of the setting sun, towering over the magnificent Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Then Jack and Louann led us down to the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes, and lastly to Saint Marys Lake. It was a fantastic tour of one of the most beautiful college campuses I have ever visited. The sun setting over Saint Mary’s Lake was gorgeous, and we were very fortunate to witness that breathtaking sight and to capture some lovely photos of Jack and Louann there. We cannot wait to capture their wedding at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart next year.

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