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November 8, 2017

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The last rays of light from the setting sun made their way through the buildings in downtown Indy as Jacqueline and Andrew were getting married on the rooftop terrace of Regions Tower. A strong and steady breeze ruffled Jacqueline’s hair and caused her veil to flutter. Meanwhile the light that was left reflected off the […]

April 27, 2016

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The light of the setting sun, warm and golden, reflected off the buildings in downtown Indianapolis. A line of buildings stood with their backs to the sun, only catching sight of those golden rays of light as they reflected off the surrounding buildings. One building, with thin, vertical windows, ensnared those reflections in its windows, […]

November 23, 2015

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Walking past the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis, Eric looked down at Britt and smiled. They were holding hands, but that smile of absolute love betrayed that they were holding more than just hands. They were holding each others souls. I absolutely love capturing moments like this between two people in love. It […]

November 19, 2015

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The low rumble of car tires moving slowly over cobblestone built in the background as cars began to drive up Market Street. Japinder and Gurleen walked down the middle of Market Street, hand-in-hand, unconcerned by the slow trudge of the oncoming traffic. With the Indiana Statehouse at their backs, and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in […]