June 26, 2015

White River Park Engagement | Downtown Indianapolis | Trisha & Karna

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Trisha gently rests her head on Karna’s chest. They fit together, like pieces of a puzzle. They hold each other tenderly in front of the Indianapolis skyline, hazy on this humid day in June. As she leans into Karna, a wonderful smile spreads across Trisha’s face, more beautiful than the magnificent arches of the Historic Old Washington Street Pedestrian Bridge in the background. Karna stands tall, with his chin held high, prouder than the illustrious JW Marriott behind him. We’re standing on the White River Trail, and the beat of a song forces itself across the calm water, up through the lush foliage on the banks of the river and into my ears. It could be a Joywave song, a Bleachers song, or a Cage the Elephant song, but unfortunately I am not familiar enough with any of those bands to recognize their songs from so far away. Whichever band is playing, they sound great. The music is recharging me with energy during this sultry evening shoot.

Trisha and Karna are in their second change of clothes during this shoot. These outfits are more casual than their first outfits, which were traditional, Indian clothing. Earlier, Karna was wearing a deep red Sherwani, and Trisha was wearing an intricate, purple Sari. They may have been sweltering in the heat, but I could not tell. They seemed cool and relaxed, and they kept that going throughout the shoot. They finished their engagement shoot out in Colts jerseys, with a shot of the Lucas Oil Stadium in the background. It was a great night, and a great reminder of why I love shooting in downtown Indianapolis so much. There is always something happening in the city, and whatever event is taking place lends its energy to the surrounding areas. I am so fortunate to be able to work in such a great city.

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