June 1, 2011

“Twister! It’s a twister”

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In high school Spanish class, we’d sometimes watch the movie “Twister,” so while I was seeking shelter for the second time, familiar scenes from that movie flashed through my head.”Cow” (cow goes flying by), “Another Cow.” (Cow flies into the frame again)
“Actually I think that was the same cow.”
1996 graphics, Oh how you’ve changed for the better.
This past week has been crazy. On top of being super stressed with the busyness weddings and engagements (all wonderful things), I also stressed for my families safety. A few nights ago, my husband, Iain, and I packed into our downstairs half bath because a funnel cloud had been spotted just 9 miles west of us.

After what happened in south recently, I think the realization of the destruction a tornado can do really hit me.  In my life, I’ve seen a funnel cloud and an actual tornado. I’ve been fascinated with the whole process and like many other kids, I wanted to be a storm chaser. It wasn’t until I had Iain did I start to worry about these types of storm.

This past Sunday I shot a wedding in a small town called Emma. It was definitely not on our itinerary to be in the basement with 300 other people but that’s what happened. After the power going out in the middle of the ring exchange, a man ran down the aisle. He first gave an out of breath apology, then stated a tornado had touched down just a few miles away from the church and that we should all head to the basement. I soon started to realize why having this many people in one place can be a safety hazard because it took fifteen minutes to get everyone down there. Luckily, no damage was done to the church and everyone was safe. After calling my mother in law to check up on my son, I felt calm and proceeded to head outside. If there was going to be a tornado, I was going to get a shot. Steve headed towards the basement to take pictures of the wedding party and guest with candles. It was raining too hard and my husband protested I went down into the basement with him. We took pictures of the whole process, which was quite fun, but I’m sure this wasn’t the wedding the bride was planning for. After it all, the ceremony went on and they were married by the end of the day. It was quite an adventure.


Please join me in helping the Joplin victims by donating to the Red Cross.  Any little help makes an impact. Thanks!

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