July 12, 2011

{Wedding: Camille and Josh}

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Camille and I go way back. All they way back to all-nighers and boy chasing.  We met in college and became friends through volunteering at a youth event.  We hung out with two other girls and embarrassingly called ourselves the “fabulous four”.  Not because we thought we were fabulous, but that our friendship was just that (honestly, we were total goofballs).  We had so much fun together, but now we are all old and married (we still have a blast together).  It had been a long time that we had all be in the same room, but Camille’s bachelorette party made that happen.  I was absolutely honored when Cam asked me to be a bridesmaid AND her photographer.
Camille and Josh met in the work place.  After some flirting, they finally started dating.  When I met josh, I couldn’t believe how much they were perfect for each other.  Both of them are total sci-fi nerds.  They compliment each other so well.  Camille brings the Trekie to the relationship and Josh loves Star Wars. He has an awesome stormtrooper tattoo on his arm.  Josh just recently wrote and directed a horror comedy film, Beverly Lane, hugely influenced by his talent and Camille’s encouragement.  He found the weekend after his wedding that he is now a AWARD winning director.

Their wedding ceremony and reception was outdoors, which is always fun!  The Tiffany blue and coral were a perfect fit with Camille’s classy dress, which she was an absolute knock out in.  The cake was designed like Tiffany boxes, which they unwrapped in the middle of the reception. Their first dance, Flightless Bird, American Mouth by Iron & Wine, was sang by a friend and Beverly Lane actor Noah East and performed by Josh’s little brother, Frankie Hull.

Josh and Camille, you know I love you guys.  It was a privilege to be a part of your day!  Camille, you are so photogenic and your beauty (in many ways) just awes me.  Josh, you are a wonderful guy and I’m glad you will be the one to be taking care of one of my dear friends.  Best wishes, guys!

Scroll down to view picture from their wedding and if you are interested in seeing an entire highlight, watch the slideshow at the bottom of the page.

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