October 3, 2019

White River Engagement Pictures with Amanda and Patrick

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Amanda and Patrick’s engagement shoot at White River State Park had everything I love! They brought their dogs. There was an outfit change where they put on their formal wear. They also popped champagne and drank it in the park!

But seriously, how cool is it to have clients that want to get some puppy pictures during their engagement session? Their dogs were so well behaved throughout the whole shoot too! It was almost like I was working with animal actors. But for real, there were no runaways and no barking or growling. Just two happy dogs having a good day. It was fantastic!

Did you love the photos from this White River State Park engagement session?

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Firstly, check out this adorable engagement shoot with Jylian and Bertram! Jylian and Bertram’s engagement shoot started out at the Tinker House, where they would later marry. After some photos there, we transitioned to White River to capture some sunset photos. It was gorgeous!

Also, check out this wonderful wedding shoot with Amanda and Grant! We did all of their bridal party portraits at White River State Park and the canal. This wedding party was a ton of fun! Plus, there were some brilliant fall colors in the tree leaves at the park. It was such a gorgeous day!

Lastly, check out this whimsical wedding shoot with Alli and James! We did bridal party portraits at White River State Park with their wedding as well. We love going to the park with bridal parties because there’s always a lot of open space and it’s one of the few places downtown with lots of greenery. It is lovely.

Did you love these shoots?

Then make it a point to visit White River State Park next time you’re in Indianapolis! It is a lovely little park. The canal flows through it and out to the White River. Also, the canal is full of little wooden ramps so that baby ducks can get in and out of the water. It is adorable. White River State Park is a really great place!

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  1. Amanda Nierman says:

    You are absolutely amazing!! <3 working with you!

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