October 29, 2019

Eagle Creek Engagement Photos with Emily and Ryan

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The light of the setting sun streamed through the trees, backlighting Emily and Ryan. The green leaves were tinged with golden hues as the light illuminated them. In front of this backdrop, Emily and Ryan stood with their foreheads pressed together. They were laughing at something they whispered to each other. This was something that would happen countless times throughout their engagement session. It’s probably why I had so much fun shooting these Eagle Creek engagement photos with them!

Before the shoot started, Emily warned me that Ryan would be hard to make smile. Then all throughout the shoot the two of them kept making each other laugh and smile anyway. So, it really wasn’t difficult at all. These two made this shoot so magical. The way they interacted with each other and doted on each other was amazing.

Did you love these Eagle Creek engagement photos?

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Lastly, check out this sweet engagement session with Chrissy and Kris! This engagement session was another one of Steve’s shoots! It is over on his site, Redwood Lane. Chrissy and Kris were such a lovely couple! They were the first couple to take a chance on Redwood Lane (Steve’s photo/video company). Which means the world to both of us.

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