February 4, 2019

Yelp Bazaar 2018 at the Indianapolis Central Library

This year I was fortunate enough to asked to capture the Yelp Bazaar event at the Indianapolis Central Library! The event was so much fun! Steve and I have attended before, and it was great! We loved perusing all of the wonderful local businesses and trying out new food and drinks. I love this event so much and make it a point to attend every year! So being asked to photograph it was a dream come true!

As you scroll through the photos, you’ll see a ton of awesome companies! All of the companies featured here are local Indiana companies. Most are in the Indianapolis area, but some are in the suburbs as well. If you see one that looks cool, make sure to check it out! There are so many awesome things happening in Indiana right now. We’re so thankful we were able to highlight some of them with our photography!

Did you love these photos of the Yelp Bazaar?

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There are a lot of awesome events like the Yelp Bazaar that Yelp Indy puts on throughout the year! If you want to stay informed about the awesome upcoming events, make sure to follow Yelp Indy. They’re on Facebook and Twitter! Steve and I seriously love attending the events Yelp puts on in the Indianapolis area. If we’re free on the date of an event, you can bet that we’ll be attending it. We’ll be there and trying out all of the great food and drinks. It’s how we discover all the newest and coolest places.

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