October 15, 2015

Small town Engagement | Zionsville Wedding Photographers | Danielle & Alex

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Alex and Danielle stood in the speckled light by the garden gate. Alex held Danielle, his forehead pressed against the side of her face, while Danielle looked off into the distance. One ray of sunlight wove its way through the foliage above the darling, little gate and warmed Danielle’s incandescent face. Danielle and Alex’s passion and love for one another was constantly emerging in the different shots we did during their engagement shoot. It was such a joy to capture them and their love.

The shoot took place in Zionsville, Indiana. Alex and Danielle are residents of the quaint little city, located just outside of Indianapolis, which has managed to hang onto its small town roots. More than one hundred and eighty years ago, David Hoover, Boone County’s first county clerk, issued Boone County’s first marriage license to his daughter Mary Hoover and her husband Elijah Cross. About twenty years later, after David had died, Mary and Elijah would end up developing his old farmland into the city of Zionsville, at the urging of William Zion who wanted another stop for the railroad that traveled from Illinois to Indianapolis. I love that fantastic history of Zionsville, and I cannot wait to see what Danielle and Alex are able to accomplish after they are married.

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