Eagle Creek Engagement Session with Gauri and Om

a man and woman with black hair stand on the side of the reservoir hugging at their eagle creek engagement session

The cool water in the Eagle Creek reservoir rippled lightly from the force of a gentle breeze. These ripples distorted the rich red reflection of the leaves on the surface. On the edge of the reservoir, Gauri walked up behind Om and gently hugged him. Looking over his shoulder at his fiance, Om smiled during their Eagle Creek engagement session.

I had so much fun capturing Gauri and Om’s engagement photos at Eagle Creek Park last fall. I just loved the way they interacted with each other. They were so kind to one another and so funny. This was definitely one of the most fun engagement sessions I did last year. Plus I loved the mix of warm smiles and cool tones in autumn, all fully on display in this Eagle Creek engagement session.

I loved that Gauri wore red during this engagement session! The mix of the red scarf with her white sweater was so adorable. Then her red sweater that she wore next was so pretty! Red is such a beautiful color to wear in the fall because of the way it mixes with the color of the leaves. The red she picked was just a pit more vibrant than what I usually see, so it popped a little against the orange, yellows, and browns of the leaves. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of fall engagement sessions this year with a good mix of autumn colors. Hopefully those will all be with a wide variety of beautiful red clothes.

Tomorrow on the blog I’m going to be posting their wedding photos, so be sure to check back in if you want to see a beautiful wedding at Avon Gardens with these two beautiful people. Their wedding was an absolute blast!

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Holcomb Gardens Engagement Session with Niki and Sam

a well dress young man kisses a blonde girl with a blue dress on the forehead

The branches of the trees grew up and over a small paved path near Butler University, creating a leafy tunnel. Niki and Sam paused while walking down this path, holding hands and turned to face each other. The light from the sun broke through the foliage in a few places, but mostly just highlighted the area behind them. As Niki and Sam stood there, looking at each other with love, they hugged. Then Sam reached up and kissed Niki ever so gently on the forehead. during their Holcomb Gardens engagement session.

I had so much fun capturing Niki and Sam’s Holcomb Gardens engagement session! These two were so genuinely in love. Throughout the shoot, they kept making each other laugh and smile. Taking their photos almost felt like spying on a couple on a date. They way they took care of each other and held hands and hugged and kissed. It’s enough to make you swoon just a little.

On top of getting to work with such a fun couple, it was great to return to Holcomb Gardens. This is one of the most magical places around Indianapolis. The way the light shines through the trees and the transition from the forest area to the hedges and the more open parts just gives you so many great places to shoot! I’m so glad I got to take advantage of all of it with Niki and Sam. Their wedding post will be coming to the blog soon, so keep your eyes open next week for some beautiful photos from their lakeside wedding.

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Holliday Park Engagement Session with Katie and Dan

man looking at woman under pine trees while hugging her from behind

The boughs of the pine trees hung low. Laden with cones and needles, they strained against gravity to stay off the ground. In between the branches, Dan hugged Katie from behind. She reached up and grabbed his arms, looking over her shoulder at fiance and smiling. She was loved and comforted as she was wrapped in his arms at Holliday Park in Indianapolis!

I had so much fun capturing Katie and Dan’s engagement session at Holliday Park. They were such a fun couple. We hiked all over the park, going up and down so many trails that I didn’t know existed before this shoot! I had a great time capturing the way they interacted with each other while we were hiking. Dan held Katie’s hand so tenderly and wrapped his arms around her so gently. I can’t wait to capture their wedding this upcoming autumn!

Holliday Park is Gorgeous!

Sometimes I forget how many great parks there are in the Indy area. Holliday Park with its board walks and monuments stands out amongst the rest. It’s not ver close to Noblesville, so I don’t utilize it as much as I would like. The park has such a rich and diverse array of flora and fauna. It feels like as you walk, you’re quickly  transitioning from wooded areas to grassy fields to hills to streams. There are so many unique places in the park with so many different backdrops.

I’m so glad I had another shoot here so that I was able to walk around and explore the park a little more. I feel like it’s easy to get stuck taking photos at the ruins at the front of the park, because they stand out and are so charming. Don’t get me wrong, I love them as much as the next photographer but I’m glad we were able to break away and take more photos in nature on this shoot.

Engagement Session Couple Walking Up Wooden Steps in Holliday Park Engagement Session Couple with Eyes Closed Smiling with the Sun Behind Them Couple Foreheads together during engagement session back lit by sun Couple Forehead Kiss Engagement Session Backlit by Sun Couple Holding Hands outside visitor center at Holliday Park Woman wearing necklace while man hugs her from behind Woman resting her head on shoulder of a man in holliday park Couple Looking Into Each Other's Eyes, with Yellow Flowers in the Background Couple Smiling Under Pine Tree in Holliday Park Backlit by Sun Man Hugging Woman while Woman Smiles Under Pine Trees couple about to kiss under a pine tree with the sun behind them causing a beautiful glowing effect Man kissing woman on cheek while woman smiles with delight Man and Woman sitting on bench in front of large art work at holliday park in indianapolis Man and Woman smiling at each other while sitting on a bench Man and Woman Hugging with Engagement Ring in front of a mossy brick wall at Holliday Park Engaged Couple Hugging in front of ruins at Holliday Park couple holding hands and walking away from ruins of house with sculptures at holliday park in indianapolis engagement session couple hugging each other in front of ruins at holliday park brown haired couple smiling and laughing on a bench man kissing woman on head while sitting on a bench brown haired man and woman sitting on a wooden bench while the man hugs the woman and the woman looks at the camera smiling

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Athenaeum Theater Engagement Session with Katie and Lyle

Engaged Couple Side Hug Athenaeum Theater Indy

Winter was lingering well into March, which meant it was too cold to shoot outside for long. As a result, Katie and Lyle decided to do their engagement session inside the Athenaeum Theater in Indy. The theater was lovely, warm, and so welcoming on this cold day in March. It was a lot cozier inside the building, but Katie and Lyle didn’t have any trouble cuddling up together.

I had so much fun capturing this session with Katie and Lyle. The way they snuggled up to each other in the photos was so romantic. The Athenaeum Theater seemed so grand in the day light. The silver, winter light filtering through the windows was absolutely stunning. The way that light illuminated Katie’s face as she looked at Lyle was brilliant! I can’t wait to capture Katie and Lyle’s wedding this fall.

The Athenaeum Theater is a Gem!

The Athenaeum Theater is such a wonderful building. There are so many great places to shoot inside the theater that take advantage of the great window light! I love shooting inside as long as there are plenty of windows so I can get great natural light on my subjects. There’s something about the way the light from the window falls off as it enters a room that appeals to my sense of style. I love those dark and moody shots of brides and grooms and dramatic lighting that can be used to highlight their best features.

As I was shooting with Katie and Lyle it felt like we would never run out of interesting places to shoot inside this building. There were so many different rooms and so many windows with unique shapes. It wasn’t difficult to find a beautiful space with lighting that made me wonder what I could create. I can’t wait to go back to the Athenaeum Theater for another shoot some day!

Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Coffee Table Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Window Light Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Back Lit Circular Window Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple White Wall Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Stain Glass Windows Athenaeum Theater Indy Engagement Photo Session Blonde Couple Wood Wall Athenaeum Theater Indy

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Downtown Indianapolis Engagement Session with Ashley & Geoff

Woman Looking at man as he holds her from behind on top of war memorial in indianapolis

On top of the Indianapolis War Memorial, as the sun was setting behind them, Ashley and Geoff paused for a moment, looking out over downtown Indianapolis. Geoff embraced Ashley from behind, wrapping his arms around her on the cool afternoon. Ashley looked over her shoulder at him and smiled for a second, then she slowly kissed him.

I had so much fun during this engagement. That light in downtown Indianapolis was so beautiful. The way it bounces off the cement on top of the Indiana War Memorial makes everything look so magical. Plus Ashley and Geoff were so much fun to shoot. It was also great to spend time talking to them. I cannot wait to capture their wedding this summer!

Indiana War Memorial in Downtown Indianapolis

Can I just take a second to talk about how great the Indiana War Memorial is in downtown Indy? It’s such a gorgeous building. The way it seems to blossom up out of the surrounding parks gives it a magical feeling unlike anything else in the city. When the sun is setting in downtown Indianapolis the golden rays bounce off of the white stone of the Indiana War Memorial it bounces beautiful, warm fill light up whoever is standing there. The warm tones suited the hipster chic look that Ashley and Geoff were sporting during this shoot.

Ashley and Geoff seemed completely at home in downtown Indianapolis. The laid back, easy going atmosphere in Indianapolis is the perfect compliment to their personalities. Luckily on the day we were doing this shoot it worked out great that even though it was in the winter, it wasn’t so cold that they had to wear winter jackets. This allowed for us to go for a great fall aesthetic, with flannel and leather and scarves. These tow looked so cozy all throughout the shoot. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to do an engagement session with in downtown Indianapolis!

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Arbuckle Acres Park Engagement Session with Bri & Jason

framed by the trun and bough of a tree a man and woman hug in arbuckle acres park

The sky was overcast and there was little more than muted light filtering through the clouds. Thankfully, Bri and Jason’s happy demeanor and big smiles provided enough happiness to lighten the mood on this dismal day. A  flash positioned just right helped out a little bit too. I had so much fun capturing Bri and Jason’s engagement session. They were both so happy, and they spent the whole time joking around with each other. Spending time with them at Arbuckle Acres Park really brightened my day.

Off-Camera Flash in Arbuckle Acres Park

The sun was behind a giant blanket of light gray clouds in this shoot. I know a lot of people like shooting photos on overcast days because the light is nice and even, but I prefer something a little more dramatic. I packed a few flashes because I had a pretty good feeling this might happen in the shoot. I was disappointed the sun never popped out, but also excited about having a chance to try to mimic the look of the sun with my flash.

So, when it came time to do something a little more dramatic, I just hiked out into the woods at Arbuckle Acres Park and positioned a light stand and flash behind a tree. I wanted the light to shine through the branches, too look more like sun light filtering through the woods. I also just don’t like positioning a flash too close to my subject so it doesn’t blind my subject.

I really loved the way the photos turned out. The way the light from my off-camera flash illuminated the couple and backlit them gave me that drama I wanted. Plus, I loved the way the couple interacted during those moments. They were so relaxed. I’m always nervous that my subject will get nervous when I start setting up a flash on a light stand, but these two seemed not to notice or care.  The result was more realistic looking photos, even though we were faking it.

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Engagement Session in Chicago with Lily & Zack

an adorable young engaged couple dressed in modern chic clothing stand on top of cafe robey as the sun sets behind them over the chicago suburbs

I had so much fun capturing Lily and Zach’s engagement session in Chicago. They were so adorable together, and I absolutely loved how comfortable they were in front of the camera. Plus, they introduced me to so many interesting places in their neighborhood in Chicago. In fact, a month later when Steve and I went to Chicago to see a concert I took him to all of these places because I fell in love with them.

First up we shot in their home for a little bit before taking it to the streets. We walked over to the Small Cheval, a great burger joint with excellent beer on tap and fries with aioli to dip them in, where we did a few photos outside. Then we did more photos walking around the neighborhood before we headed over to The Robey hotel. At The Robey we did some photos in The Lounge, right above Cafe Robey, before heading up to the Up & Up bar on top of the building which has an amazing view of downtown and the skyline. This shoot feels like it has a piece of my heart and now every time I go back to Chicago I just want to re-visit these places.

Engagement Session in Chicago

This engagement session in Chicago is one of my favorite! Zack and Lily were so kind and so inviting. I felt like I was one of their best friends by the end of the shoot! I always encourage couples to do engagement sessions where they live, instead of coming to Indy for their shoot. I find that my couples are just so much more comfortable shooting where they live. It really translates into amazing photos as a result.

I also love capturing couples in their homes. My couples always seem more relaxed in the comfort of their own homes. It’s a great place to shoot to build a little confidence before moving out to other locations in public. The privacy helps them get a little more comfortable in front of the camera before the feel like people might be watching and they might have to perform.

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IMA Engagement Session with Angela & John

framed by trees and flowers a beautiful young couple hugs while bathed by golden sunlight at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

The rays of sunlight filled the the garden with with a golden glow. In the middle of the garden, framed by trees and flowers John and Angela hugged each other. As they hugged at the IMA, smiles lit up their faces. The two of them couldn’t look at each other without breaking out into huge smiles. The beautifully crafted and cultivated garden and grounds of Oldfields really the demeanor of these two lovebirds.

At sunset at Oldfields Lilly House and Gardens and the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Angela and John spent some time doing an engagement shoot with me. I had so much fun capturing photos of the two of them and getting to know them a little better. It’s so awesome when I get to work with people who are so confident and who seem to know what they want out of life, but are still so patient and genuinely nice. I was so excited to work with this sweet couple, and I’m even more excited to share their photos today. They are absolutely stunning together, the way they look at each other is loving and so hopeful. I just can’t say enough good things about them and this shoot.

IMA Engagements

I just love doing engagement sessions at the IMA! The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Oldfields (now Newfields) Lilly House and Gardens, and the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park: 100 Acres has such variety for photos. I can shoot a more modern look at the IMA, then transition to a more austere/regal look at New Fields Lilly House and Gardens, and then switch things up entirely by going for a more woodsy look at the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art and Nature Park: 100 Acres. The way the gardens face, allows for a lot of beautiful sunlight to shine down into the open spaces of the garden around sunset and also through the gaps in the trees forest. Some of my favorite engagement photos have been shot at the IMA during the golden hour.

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Muncie Engagement Session with Sam & Ethan

a blonde woman kisses a brown haired man in white adirondack chairs in front of a pond close to sunset with the sunlight reflecting off the surface of the pond

In the placid face of the water a clear reflection of the setting sun was visible. Two white Adirondack chairs faced west, looking out over the pond, illuminated by the fading light of the sun and reflected light from the water. Sam and Ethan sat in these Adirondack chairs, but they didn’t look out at the beautiful scene in front of them. Their eyes were fixed firmly on one another. It was such a dreamy night in Muncie, Indiana with these two!

I had so much fun capturing Sam and Ethan’s engagement session in Muncie, Indiana. We were able to shoot the entire session around Sam’s parents’ house, and it was absolutely gorgeous. The pond on their property was gorgeous and still in the evening air. It reflected images of the surrounding area and also of the setting sun. There were so many images with brilliant light, using the sun as a key light and the sun’s reflection off the water as a fill!  I am so happy for these two and so excited to share these wonderful images of the two of them!

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Heather & Kyle engagement at the Indianapolis Art Center

Standing in front of a lattice wall overgrown with leaves, Heather and Kyle played with their son Otis. Kyle picked Otis up and tossed him up in the air. I don’t know if it was the rush of air or just seeing the huge smile on his parents face, but Otis’ face lit up with a giant smile and a little laughter burst forth from somewhere deep in his belly.

I had so much fun capturing Heather and Kyle’s engagement session. The Indianapolis Art Center is such a cool location with so many unique areas to shoot. It was a heart warming shoot, to be certain, and we all had a great time. Their wedding photos will be up on the blog next week, so check back if you want to see more pictures of this amazingly fun family.